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Recycling helps preserve our natural resources, so let’s work together to make a difference and reduce the effects of climate change.

Ready to rev up your recycling? Find out which common materials are recyclable and which aren't, plus learn three simple rules to help you recycle right
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Provide office and kitchen hygiene solutions for your business.

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The company is committed to the development, production, marketing and distribution of components for the commercial vehicle industry.

Waste Management

Our on-site services are designed to save you money, keep you compliant, and reduce your waste to landfill. We do this by specialising in sorting your waste and maximising your recycling.

Bins and Containers

Recyclables within your waste streams should not end up in the landfill – not when they can be repurposed and you can be financially rewarded for their recovery.

Green Waste

Our on-site team works every day to ensure that your waste is reduced as much as possible towards the goal of getting you to zero waste to landfill.

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We offer special industrial cleaning throughout South Africa. We have secured our position as South Africa’s most respected provider of Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning Services and we do this by combining international expertise with local insights.

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Established in 2002, C and J Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a holding company with a number of
diversified companies under its umbrella. We operate mainly within the green recycling arena. Our core focus is to offer a nett zero solution accross the board.

What Our Clients Say

Complete satisfaction with C and J holdings Recycling customer support services. They work well with all personnel and have a high level of honesty and integrity. Their quality of work consistently exceeds our expectations.
Nadine Berger
Fashion Designer
C and J holdings Recycling has been able to recycle our pads and eliminate our landfill footprint and costs, saving my company in disposal cost. C and J holdings is an exceptional company to work with. They are professional and conscientious on providing the best service for their companies. I would recommend this company for any of their services.
Pascal Haas
We have been using C and J holdings Recycling since 2008 and their service and communication is awesome. The custom reporting we receive every month for the wasted oil collected is very helpful and useful. It helps us achieve our environmental goals.
Robert Berger
In comparison to other mats, your mats are more effective and environmentally friendly. The availability of different sizes to fit the needs of certain situations and easy clean up make this product great! I would also like to add that all who serve our lab, worked with great professionalism and efficiency to get what we needed to be done and not take our time away from machining tasks.
Carmen Haas
Let's Beautify world Together!

Questions & Answers

Waste has been in the news a huge amount over the past year across areas such as the flood of support for reducing single use plastics and the ban on importing waste from multiple countries.

Recycling is hands down, without a doubt, better for the environment than sending waste to landfill. But don’t just take my word for it.

Aside from best practice of not burying our trash in the ground, a recent study looked at the amount of energy it takes to manufacture products from recyclables versus virgin materials, including the energy used for collecting, hauling and processing the recyclables. Turns out, virgin material manufacturing requires nearly double the energy (23.3 million Btu) than recycled material manufacturing (10.4 million Btu), even when you include the 0.9 million Btu for collecting, hauling and processing the recyclables.

Experts have done the math. Recycling is worth it.

Back in the day, you might recall having to sort your glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum into different bins for pickup. That’s no longer necessary in many towns and cities across the U.S. Single-stream recycling (SSR) is the result of new technology that sorts recyclables all at one facility, using magnets, electric currents, and even lasers. answer is accurate and understandable by your users. Although you need to keep this short, your answer should contain all the details to match your user expectations.

Each material has a different potential use after it is disposed of. In a situation where everything is collected together, this would require an intense amount of sorting in order to split items into different streams. This is extremely difficult, extremely expensive and not economically viable for most waste management companies. By splitting things at the source, then this will ensure less sorting is required, less contamination and ultimately more chance of things being diverted from landfill for recycling or reuse.

Contamination refers to items entering the recycling stream that either do not belong there or items that make recyclable items unusable. Items that are placed in recycling bins are taken to be sorted and processed at a material recovery facility (MRF). Here a number of processes take place, both using machines and through human labour.

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